Use & Aftercare

Here is the truth – Cooking will almost always wear and tear any product you may expose heat on. Here is the trick – We’ve gathered some top tips, tricks and aftercare support that will help you get the most from your pots and pans, keeping your Rossetti product feeling brand new, and help them last a lifetime.

Quality cookware has the potential to last for years, however they will only stand the test of time if you treat them with care. We’ve gathered some top tips that will help you get the most from Rossetti Cookware.

Ensure you use a low to medium heat when bringing water to the boil. Too much heat can cause food to burn and may result in damage to any non-stock surfaces, including placing an empty pan on a heat source.

Only place pans on hobs that are the same size or smaller so as to not waste heat and to prevent the heat reaching the handle. Always lift pans and do not slide or drag as this can damage the base of the Cookware.

When cleaning never put a hot pan straight into cold water as this can lead to warping. Always ensure pans are completely dry before putting them away and store carefully.

Using your new cookware for the first time can be a fun experience, but do not forget to wash and dampen your pan with a cloth to remove any manufacturing dust before cooking your first meal.

Remember to check your heat source at home before making a purchase. Some Ceramic Hobs may look like Induction hobs, and do not require induction based Cookware. You may wish to view more information on induction.

While our premium coating surfacing allows for metal utensil cooking, ensure the tip edge of the utensil has a rounded edge to prevent scraping from sharper edge utensils.