Cookies are small text files used on each page feature on our website that save non-personal aggregated data based on your browsing preferences. They are stored on your browser and help interact with our website the next time you visit. They help to make the website run smoothly and allow us to provide you with our best online service and experience. Cookies are used for different functions. Here is what we use and how they benefit you:

  • Essential or Session cookies are required for you to use our basic features on the website such as our shopping bag and check-out to process your order sale. These types of cookies are terminated when the browser is closed.
  • Functionality cookies are used to improve the performance while browsing the website for the next time you visit such as language or currency preferences, remembering your cart, viewed products, account login details and other features.
  • Third-party cookies are used to allow us to give you a tailored experience based on your browsing habits on the website. This can include product recommendations and improved site searches. They also help us by receive anonymous information while using our website to help provide an intuitive advertising service on other websites. While we also provide social networking links on our website, they use cookies to function and allow you to share information with your contacts. We have no direct control on how and what data they collect to use their function and refer you to their privacy policy.

We give you the option to accept or opt-out these from the cookies when visiting our website for the first time. Some browsers may accept cookies automatically but give you the control on accessing your browser settings and disabling their use.