It’s important to know what materials are being used for the everyday tools you cook on. We understand the health risks that certain materials may contain during heating, emitting harmful substances and deposits. Rossetti use the finest material and latest technology applications to offer the absolute best in the industry. We want you to be confident before making any purchase with us, and of course, stay confident after use. That is why we’ve collected detailed technical data on the materials we use for all our collections, our application process, and the benefits of such materials so you’re well in the know about the items you purchase from us, the concerns you may have and understand what we’re doing to achieve closer steps towards a healthier lifestyle in the kitchen.


We’re proud to manufacture all our cookware collections from the heart Italy in Milan. From material sourcing, design and manufacture, our supply chain is 100% Italian.


We use aluminium as the base material for our Elementi Natura, Black & Gold and Coves Collections which is a lightweight material often used for Cookware that requires easy carrying while cooking. Aluminium is a corrosive resistant metal which helps our further non-stick applications process to protect the surface of the metal from corrosion.


The coating technology developed together with leading non-stick manufacturers is unarguably our most important secret ingredient, and we call it Metaclad+. Our uniquely engineered maximum non-stick coating is a 5-layer application process designed to offer you all the added advantages on having a better and healthier cooking lifestyle. One of the most important differences between Metaclad+ and other common non-stick applications is that we use water-based coatings that reduce the requirement of oil and fatty liquids, and as such, eliminates the harmful toxins released when heat is applied. That’s why we not only call our cookware healthy but organic, making our cookware PTFE, PFOA and Heavy Metal Free. 


Our specialty water-based non-stick coating, developed with leading non-stick manufacturers, is part of a 5-layering application process. A primer coat is applied on the inside surface of the aluminum body for maximum adhesion, a mid-coat for improved scratch and abrasion resistance, with an additional topcoat layer to provide excellent food release. Hard mineral particles are added to not only improve the aesthetic finishing but the abrasion resistance and non-stick properties. The last and important layer is the extra tough porcelain enamel we apply on the exterior of the body that enables the body to withstand damage and provide the best durability our cookware can offer.


We take advantage of using Porcelain Enamel on all our collections of cookware. This is a type of ceramic, but much more superior than the basic ceramic available as it does not crack over time. Cooking, baking, roasting and storing foods with “Enamelware” is an excellent choice as it is non-porous that is resistant to acidic food, heat, and humidity, eliminating any harmful toxins or metal reaction deposits into your foods.