Your privacy is extremely important to us and we will never ask you for information unless it relates to your purchasing and shopping experience on this website. Rossetti Worldwide FZCO gathers and processes your personal data in relation to this privacy policy and in observance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other local relevant data protection regulations and laws. We will never, store, sell, trade or rent your personally identifiable information collected on this website to others.

We will not pass your debit or credit card details to any third party, and adopt hardware and software systems on this website and on our local servers to ensure your data privacy and security. However, as with the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee the security of information that is transmitted online.

Rossetti Intelligenza Casalinghi, a registered trademark of Rossetti Worldwide FZCO and represented by the website “” is wholly owned and operated by Rossetti Worldwide FZCO. Our registered office is at Rossetti Experience Centre, Jebel Ali Free Zone, P.O Box 18140, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

What information do we collect from you?

To meet our contractual obligations and offer you our products and services we collect personal data from you in the following ways:

  • Your name, email, phone contact and your preferences on this website.
  • Your address, payment details and other data you provide to obtain and process your orders or returns.
  • Any communications that occur between us, through email, phone, or the online chat service.
  • Any browsing behaviors you experience on any of our pages on this website, including pages you have viewed, IP address and browser details.
  • Other data entered on this website for purposes of creating wishlists, items in your or registering customer accounts with us or through online forms such as feedback.

How and what do we use your information for?

Any information we collect from you may be used in the following processing activities:

  • Tracking and analysing your browsing behavior on our website for our own performance purposes.
  • Sharing your onsite behavior with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Fulfilling your orders, including reservation, payment, dispatch and dealing with any returns.
  • Responding to customer services requests through email, phone, or the online chat service.
  • Managing any promotional campaigns.
  • Analysis of data for reporting, forecasting and site performance.
  • Analysis of data for marketing purposes, including customer profiling. This may involve combining your data with that from third parties.

Our data controllers and processors


We use Hotjar to relay your browsing behavior, providing feedback information through various tools featured on our website. Data is only transmitted at the point you send us information. You may wish to view their Privacy Policy.

Google Adwords

We run and manage advertising campaigns via the Google platform. This allows us to show you relevant ads on their platform network.

You may wish to view their Privacy Policy.

Live Agent

We use LiveAgent to provide us with communication solutions through our live chat service. You may wish to view their Privacy Policy.


We use Telr to provide us with payment processing solutions as part of our order fulfillment processes to allow you to make purchases.

You may wish to view their Privacy Policy.


We use Couriex as our logistics partner as part of our order fulfillment processes to allow us to deliver your items. You may wish to view their Privacy Policy.

How long do we keep your information for?

Data that is kept for our order fulfillment processes is always visible in your registered account with us. This information is stored indefinitely and acts as a legal record for order transactions and proof of purchases.

Data that is kept for website analytics is stored for a minimum period of 6 months.

Marketing Communication

You will only receive email communication from us if you have opted in to receive them, and have the right to opt-out at any time from the bottom links of all our marketing emails.

Your rights to control data collected

You have the right to be informed, request, rectify, erase and reject data we collect which can be applied by contacting customer services directly as

There is some data we do not erase such as:

  • Your ordering details which we require as a legal record of reporting for tax purposes.
  • Your communications which act as proof of record

We are not responsible for the privacy policies of websites to which we may link to. Such information provided to third parties warrant direct rules regarding the collection and use of your personal information. The information practices of those websites linked to our website are not covered by this Policy.

We continuously update our Privacy Policies to reflect and meet the requirements of international standards of data protection standards. You are encouraged to frequently visit or customer services pages to view any of our updated terms and notice.

Customer Care, Feedback & Complaints

We always want to hear from you, hopefully good things but also any critique or recommendations you would like us to address in providing our products and services to you even better. We take all your concerns very seriously and aim to deal with any problem in a timely, fair, and effective manner. Get in touch with us at any time by contacting Customer Care in the following ways:

Email us on –

Call us on +971 4 881 2963 – (Saturday to Thursday, from 9.00am to 6pm)

with us (Saturday to Thursday, from 9.00pm to 6pm)