Specialty cookware such as our braising pans are a real treat, ready to impress with new techniques every time.
They work well on searing meats and perfect for Paella cooking at high temperatures.


    Limited Edition Low Casserole Braiser 28cm Organic Luxury Cooking

    • Exclusively Made in Italy, uniquely inspired by natural instincts with it's iconic pebble shape body design. Comes with a complimentary store away protective bag.
    • The lid is uniquely made out of the same porcelain enamel material as the cookware body promoting slow cooking processes which help maintain and lock in vital cooking juices and minerals in cooked foods.
    • This “Innocent” Cookware allows less or almost no oil to be used during cooking.
    • Extremely resistant to scratches both inside and outside the cookware. Suitable on all heat sources except induction. Dishwasher Safe.
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