You may already know or have heard about Induction but many times some are unsure what it does and if it is required. Induction is basically an added conductive plate applied to the bottom base of the cookware body. The general advantage of this is to provide a better distribution of heat around the cooking surface of the pan. Cookware built with induction can work on all heat including induction cookers.

Induction cookers are safer than other heat sources as the source will only transfer heat when another induction plate comes in contact with its surface, reducing the risk of leaving the cooker on after removing the pan. Such cookers do not emit any surrounding heat other than the surface contact of the induction plate, eliminating the risk of fire and reducing heat burns when coming close to the heat source.

The Coves collection is built with an inclusive induction plate developed without exposing the plate cohesive with the cookware body design and colour. All other collections are not built with induction and will not work on induction cookers.

Sometimes it’s not easy distinguishing a normal ceramic or electric cooker from an induction cooker because the surfaces of most modern cookers are aesthetically identical. An easy test would be to place your hand on the heat source but we don’t want you to try that at home, not to worry, get in touch with one of our cooking advisers from the Customer Care team if you’re unsure and we’ll help you out safely choosing the right cookware for your cooker before making a purchase.